A Poker Glossary

A Poker Glossary

Last updated : 21 March, 2021By Top10 Staff
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Add on – a game in which there is an option for the purchase of more chips.

All in – putting all available chips in the current hand.

Ante – a mandatory bet in which all of the players will need to put the same number of chips before dealing begins.


Bet – the money wagered during a hand of poker.

Blind – the forced bet.

Bounty – a prize on a player’s “head” during a poker tournament.


Cash out – converting chips into cash.

Check – to place no bet.

Chip – a poker game token.


Deal – the official manner in which cards are distributed in a game of poker.

Discard – to put a card out of play after it has been dealt.

Draw – to take another card.


Expected Value – the estimated value that a player can expect to take from a single pot.

Exposed Card – a card that has been revealed to all of the players at the table.


Final Table – table at which a tournament winner will be determined.

Flop – dealing the first three “face up” cards to the community.

Freezeout – a type of tournament game in which there are no rebuy options.


Gap – a hand in which one rank is separating two cards.

Grinder – poker players who earn a living making small wagers.


Hand – the sets of cards that are used to determine the winner in a game of poker.

Hole Card – the cards that are dealt face down.

Home Game – poker games played in private venues rather than casinos.


Implied Odds – used for future hands and when a player expects to fold in the following round.

Improve – to obtain a better hand by exchanging cards.

Insurance – games in which players agree to reduce a pot with more cards.


Jackpot – the pool of money collected by the house and awarded to the winner.

Joker – the 53rd and 54th cards in a deck.

Junk - poker hands with little value.


Kitty – a pool of money.


Lead – a player who makes the last bet in a betting round.

Limit – the minimum or maximum levels of any bet.

Low – lowest ranking card.


Match the Pot – a wager that is equal to all of the chips in the pot.

Middle Pair –a pair with neither the highest or lowest of the community cards.

Move In – when the player bets their entire stake at once.


No Limit – games in which players may bet all of their chips in a single instance.

Nothing – hands that provide a player with only the “high card” option as a method for winning.


Open – to place the first bet in a hand.

Outs – the cards that are considered to be of benefit to a single player’s hand.

Overbet – making a bet that is larger than the size of a pot.


Pair – two cards of the same rank in a hand.

Pot – the amount of money or chips available during a hand of poker.

Pre-flop – the first round of betting in a game.


Qualifier – when a game has a minimum hand value.

Quarter – some poker games have pots that are distributed in percentages, and a quarter is what often goes to one of the lowest ranking players.


Rag – a card that has a low value in a specific poker game.

Rebuy – tournament option that allows the player to acquire another quantity of chips.

River – final community card in a poker game.


Setup – pre-game actions.

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